Careers Tool: Updates Explained


We have updated the information available to you on BridgeU Careers so you may notice some minor changes to this feature from 9th October 2023

These changes will not affect your ability to browse, research, and save jobs and degrees in BridgeU Careers 


What will change in Careers?

Some titles and names used for job groups, jobs and degree subjects will change. But, your overall experience whilst browsing jobs and degree subjects will not change.


What happens with any jobs and degrees I had already saved on BridgeU?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your progress! Any jobs and degrees will remain saved even if their titles change.


I have downloaded my Careers report already, will the report update automatically with the new names?

If you downloaded a careers report prior to the data update, you may notice naming changes between your downloaded report and the saved jobs and degrees in your BridgeU account. You can always choose to download a new report once the data update is complete. 


If you are using BridgeU Careers after 9th October, you may notice changes to titles used for job groups, jobs and degree subjects. You won't lose progress of any previous saved work, but here's a reference guide on what their new titles will be so you can easily find them when you are researching next.


If you have any questions about this information, please contact us via Live Chat or drop us a message at


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