When to use each student task

Although there is no restriction as to when you can use the different BridgeU tasks, we have created a recommended task schedule that you can follow and adapt throughout the year. 

This task schedule is designed to help you set relevant tasks for students to complete on BridgeU, in accordance with the Guidance Calendar found in the Lesson Plans. This should be treated as a guide only. Please feel free to adapt or change any aspect of each suggested task to suit your needs.




If you have any questions, need further assistance or have some general feedback for us - we’d love to hear from you! Contact our Support team via Live Chat and by emailing hi@bridge-u.com.

If you have yet to join, our BridgeU Community is available.  A space exclusively for our BridgeU counsellors to gain or share practices, discuss general questions or share your own successes with other BridgeU counsellors.




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