Setting a student task

Tasks allow you to guide and track the progress of your students. There are built in tasks, related to the different student tools, as well as the ability to create custom tasks to fit your needs. Tasks can be assigned to individual students, specific groups of students, or all students.

To set a task:

Step 1: Click Students under your School Dashboard.

Step 2: To set a task for a specific group of students, click Filter in the top left corner. Select the appropriate filter(s), then click Apply Filters. Skip this step if you are assigning the task to all students.

Step 3: Click Set Task in the top right corner, then select one of the BridgeU tools, or None (custom) to set a custom task.

Step 4: Delete the sample text, and add in your task Title and Details. Skip this step if you want to use the sample text.

Step 5: Set the task deadline, then select the student assignee(s). Click Select All at the top of the student list to select all students.

Step 6: Click Assign Task to assign the task to the selected students.

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