Add a student label

Labels allow you to create and target specific groups of students when using filters and setting tasks. You can create school specific labels, for example by house or subject interest. Students can be assigned to multiple labels.

To create a label:

Step 1: Click School Settings under your School Dashboard.

Step 2: Under Student Labels, click Add Label, type your label name, then click Save.

Step 3: Repeat for each new label.

There are two ways to assign students to a label. 

To assign upon upload:

Step 1: First create all necessary labels.

Step 2: In the BridgeU upload template, enter the appropriate label(s) in the Labels column.

Step 3: To assign students to multiple labels, separate label names with a semicolon.

To assign manually:

Step 1: Click Students under your School Dashboard.

Step 2: Click the Actions button to the right of the student name, then click Edit.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Labels section, check all labels that apply, then click Save.

Step 4: Repeat for each student.


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