BridgeU's original Reference Letter tool guide

BridgeU’s Reference Letter tool can be used in two different ways.

Option 1
All teachers involved with Reference Letters can be given a BridgeU account. Teachers then use the Students tab to find all students that they need to contribute to.

Step 1) Click on the Students tab and either filter or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+F and the student’s name to find the student you want to contribute to.

Step 2) Click on Actions > Reference Letter on the right side, in line with that student’s name.

Step 3) Click on Add Section at the top of the page, then write your section in the text box. Use the Resources section to the right of the page to see more detailed information about that student. Your paragraph will be saved automatically as you type.


Option 2
The main university advisor for each student adds all the contributors to each student’s reference letter page.

Contributors then receive a link to  BridgeU where they can write their paragraph about that student, but they do not need individual logins to BridgeU to contribute.

Step 1) Search for an email from where the subject contains ‘ asking you to write a report about…’

Step 2) Click on the Write the report button in the email - you’ll then be redirected to a webpage.
Step 3) Complete your paragraph about the student. Use the Resources tab on the right to find out more details about this student.

Step 4) Click on the Send to... button, once complete, to add it to this student’s reference letter in BridgeU. It will then be reviewed by the main university advisor for this student.


If you want to read a full guide to using BridgeU's Reference letter tool then click here.

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