What can I do if application documents have not been received by a University?


Automated emails about missing documents

In some cases, universities will contact students to say that documents haven't been received, even before the university's own system has processed all the documents received.

What to do - Parchment
As soon as one of your students receives an email like this, we recommend contacting the university to double-check that the document is indeed missing. We've added Parchment's document ID to Student's Application page and Advisor's Document Sending page, which you can include in the email to help the university find the right document. Please also refer to this article: Tracking Documents sent through Parchment.

  • On the Advisor's Document Sending page
  • On Student's Applications page

What to do - Common App
Please first check with students to make sure they have already submitted their applications on Common App as documents will only be delivered from Common App to universities after students' application submission. On BridgeU, if the documents are showing sent status but the university hasn't downloaded them and is still claiming they haven't received them, please contact the university to make them aware that the documents have been delivered to Common App and it's ready for them to download from their own Common App member account. If the status is showing downloaded on BridgeU, this might be because universities haven't updated the document status on their own application portal after downloading. Please let the university know that Common App shows the documents have been downloaded by them and request to update the status on their own application portal to reflect this.


Different names used on different documents

In other cases, universities are unable to match the documents they've received with the student's application because the student is using different names on BridgeU and on their application form.

What to do
If the document is marked as delivered on BridgeU but the university is unable to find it, please ensure that it was sent with the same name as appears on the student's application. It is advised to also ensure the name of the student on BridgeU is the same as appears on the student's application. If not, inform the university of the difference and they should be able to track down the document. In some cases, though, you may need to resend it with the corrected name.