Bulk import application data into BridgeU

Knowledge and data management is an important part of successfully growing your university advising program year over year. Keep your records updated in one place by importing your school's application and matriculation data into BridgeU. 

You can use data import template below to:

  • Maintain in BridgeU any historical records for students who never had a BridgeU account
  • Bulk update application and matriculation records for students with a BridgeU account

Please note: for students with BridgeU accounts, you may find it easier and faster to update records directly within BridgeU. Learn how students can update their applications, or how advisors can edit application outcomes for students.


Step 1: Please download the spreadsheet file linked the bottom of this page titled 'historical data template[date].xlsx'.  Instructions are available in the first tab of the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Navigate to the 'Applications' tab within the spreadsheet and include any relevant data you have. You may also include information in other tabs of the spreadsheet, but do not need to. Correct any errors that are highlighted.

Step 3: Once complete, please email the document to hi@bridge-u.com and copy your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Please note: the import process does take a few weeks. Once imported, your data will be visible within Analytics and Insights.


If you are a school transitioning from Naviance, you can transfer your data to BridgeU (Instructions).


You can also import applications data from UCAS (Instructions).



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