What can I do with my historical application and matriculation data?

You may import your school's historical application and matriculation data into BridgeU.

If you are able to export or compile the necessary data to send to our team (hi@bridge-u.com). Please scroll down to identify specific instructions as applicable to your school. Please note: the import process does take a few weeks. Once imported, your school's historical data will be available in the following locations:

  • Within Analytics > Applications you may view your historical data in a table format.
  • Within Analytics > University Offers you may view your historical data in a scattergram format if you have the necessary data points.
  • Within Insights 



If you are a school transitioning from Naviance

Step 1: Log in to your Naviance account

Step 2: Click on Setup (cog symbol in top right)

Step 3: Click on Data Export (left hand menu). This will take you to a dropdown of several files. These are what we will need to import the data into BridgeU.

Step 4: In the Grade/Class range select "All class years" in the first box, and the current/last class (e.g. "class of 2018")  in the second box

Step 5: One by one, select each of the following exports, and export them.

  • TOEFL scores
  • Student data
  • SAT scores (taken before Mar 2016)
  • SAT scores
  • SAT Subject Test scores          (Single and Multi column)
  • PSAT scores
  • PSAT scores - (taken before Oct 2015)
  • Application data
  • AP scores          (Single and Multi column)
  • ACT Aspire, PLAN and ACT Scores

Note: some of the files might have the same names (both PSAT files are exported as psat_scores.csv, so one of them will probably be automatically renamed to something like psat_scores (2).csv - make sure you include ALL of these files.

 Step 6: Please send these exports via email to hi@bridge-u.com



If you are a school offering the IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program)

Please send your school's IB historical grades record from the IBO:

Step 1: The IB DP coordinator should log into the IBIS website

Step 2: On the dashboard, click on Candidates

Step 3: Go to Candidate Results

Step 4: Go to Candidate Results Report

Step 5: Export data as a CSV file

Step 6: Please send these exports via email to hi@bridge-u.com



All other schools or additional data

Step 1: Please download the spreadsheet file linked the bottom of this page titled 'historical data template[date].xlsx', or CLICK HERE FOR A GOOGLE SHEETS VERSION and make a copy. Instructions are on the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Please complete the BridgeU template with any relevant data you have. Correct any errors that are highlighted.

Step 3: Once complete, please email the document to hi@bridge-u.com


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