Glossary of BridgeU Terminology    



The advisor (or counselor) is the person in your school in charge of students University and career guidance. Appointing a staff member as an advisor in BridgeU provides her/him with full access to the platform. 


Report Writer

Appointing a staff member as a report writer on BridgeU grants her/him access to the reference letter tool only. Report writers are contributors to students' reference letters. Advisors can invite report writers to contribute.


University Application Cut-off date

In the School Settings tab advisors can set a University Application cut-off date. 

This function allows advisors to prevent students from adding last-minute applications to the application list. Instead, students are prompted to contact the advisor.


Strategy Advisor

The strategy advisor is a student self-exploration tool and exercise. It encourages students to think back on their experiences, evaluate them, then list them in BridgeU. Through the strategy advisor, students can tag their experiences by themes, or strategy factors. Students will

  1. Know which areas they need to work on or gather experience in;
  2. Keep track of the experiences and qualities they should use for their applications;
  3. Understand how to bring out different aspects of each experience or quality when writing application essays for different countries.


Strategy Factor

A strategy factor is a theme. In the strategy advisor, strategy factors are displayed as labels. Students can evaluate their experiences and label them according to several strategy factors.

For example, a volunteering experience is something that represents the student ability to work in a team (teamwork); experience in community service and engagement in extra-curricular activities.



Careers planner

Through the careers planner, students can explore career possibilities and the envision relative career scenarios.

Exploration - The careers tool gives an overview of existing professional areas. Within each area, students can learn about specific professions.

Scenarios - for each profession, thanks to our partnership with BurningGlass, students can understand the details of the profession, such as:

  1. Job description
  2. Prior education
  3. Salary trends
  4. Advertised job posts trends.

Career report

The career report is a summary of all the professions that the individual student has show interest in, with the relative details.

The career report can be printed, and it is useful for students to bring at career fairs or to share with their advisors, friends and family.


Student Tasks

A student task is like an assignment. 

In BridgeU, advisors can assign tasks to students. In a task, advisors instruct students on

  1. What they should be working on (e.g. Profile Builder)
  2. What steps need to be taken to complete the task
  3. When should the task be completed by.

Student tasks are marked based on the progress the student has made on them:

  • in progress (blue)
  • in review (orange).
  • done (green)

Advisor Tasks

Advisors can see the tasks they have to work on in the Your Tasks tab on the left-hand menu of BridgeU. 

Advisor tasks consist of

  • Documents that advisors have to prepare and submit for students' applications;
  • Student tasks to be reviewed.

University Matches

University matches are Universities and courses that are suited to the student. Based on the information provided in the profile builder, the BridgeU matching algorithm selects the best-fit Universities and courses for the individual students.

As a result, students can view University Matches in the University Matches page.

They are displayed

  • From left to right - based on the chance of acceptance (reach, target, safety)
  • From top to bottom - based on preference fit.

Chance of acceptance

The chance of acceptance is an indication of students' likelihood to be accepted at a specific University/Course. 

The main factors considered are:

  • students grades;
  • admission criteria;
  • percentage of successful applications.

Preference fit

The Preference Fit indicates how closely the university or course aligns with students' preferences.

Shortlisting Universities/courses

When students shortlist Universities/courses from the University Matches page, they are adding them to a list of Universities/courses to be further considered and researched.

Discarding Universities/courses

When discarding Universities/courses from the University Matches page, students are preventing the matching algorithm from including the specific University/course in the results. 


A shortlist is a collection of Universities and courses that the student has selected from the University matches for further consideration.

From the Shortlist page, the student can do mainly two things:

  • research the University or course;
  • decide to apply to the University or course.


From the shortlist, students can access each individual University Page. In the University Page students can find the Scrapbook. This is the area within a University page where students and advisors can leave notes regarding that University or course. 


Apply here

Directly from the shortlist, the student can select Apply here on the relative University cards. This will populate the Applications page with the relative Universities.

Clicking Apply here does not submit an application in the students' name.



In Applications students can view the list of Universities they have decided to apply to.

They can also keep track of the progress they have made on the applications by marking the steps that they have completed.


Writing Builder

The Writing Builder is the space within BridgeU where students can create and edit their Personal Statements or Essays.

The advisors can also create, view and edit them.

Students and advisors alike can comment on and propose changes to the text. They can also reply to each other's comments.

Personal Statement

For your U.K. applications, students will be writing what’s called a “personal statement.” In a personal statement, students explain who they are and why they want to study a chosen subject. Personal statements tend to be quite academic, focusing on books read, academic experiences, and career goals. In a personal statement, students must explain why they are a great fit for the course they’re applying to.

The BridgeU's Writing Builder tool includes a space for creating and editing students' UCAS Personal Statement.

Common Application Essay

For US applications students will be writing essays. Students will have to communicate why they are a great fit for the university as a whole. They may also have to write many essays for the different U.S. universities they’ll apply to. U.S. university essays tend to ask more about what kinds of activities students do outside of school and what their non-academic passions are.

The BridgeU's Writing Builder tool includes Common Application Essay's prompts for the applicable application year. 



Recommendations are letters where a teacher, advisor, or head of school supports your application by talking about both your academic strengths and what you’re like as a person.

Students can request a letter of recommendation through BridgeU. Through the Recommendations tool, students submit a request to a recommender by inputting their name, last name, and email address.


Reference letters

Reference letters are letters from a teacher, advisor, or head of school supporting your application by talking about your academics and a your fit for a particular course.

BridgeU's Reference Letters tool allows the advisor to invite several contributors (Report Writers) to write a report on the student and input their predicted grade for the relative subject.

The advisor can then combine all the reports from the various teachers into one letter directly on BridgeU. 



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