Writing Builder - Comment on a student essay

Students can create drafts of essays and/or personal statements using the Writing Builder. Advisors and tutors can then comment and suggest changes within the draft to help students edit and amend their writing.

To add a comment:

Step 1: Click the Students tab, then click the name of the student you are interested in. Then click View student dashboard to the far right of your screen. That will take you into the students dashboard where you can click the Writing Builder on the left hand side.  

Step 2: Once in the Writing Builder section you'll be able to select any of the essay drafts on the right-hand side of the page by clicking on the arrow to the right of the essay name.

Step 3: Find and highlight the sentence or section where you want to leave a comment, then click Add Comment above the draft.

Step 4: Write your comment in the text box. If you would like to include a suggested change, check the box and add the suggestion.

Step 5: Click Comment to complete. The sentence or section with the comment will now be highlighted in yellow.


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