Import Students or Staff from ManageBac

Once you have setup and added your ManageBac API key to BridgeU, you can then begin importing students and/or advisors from ManageBac to BridgeU. 

If you haven't yet added your ManageBac API Key, click here to complete the setup process first.

Please be aware that depending on your permission levels in ManageBac you may have a different view and may need to consult with you ManageBac administrator to complete the setup.

Step 1 - Begin Import Process:

In BridgeU, navigate to the Settings > ManageBac tab and select one of the following two options:

  • Import Advisors - This will only allow you to import advisors.
  • Import Students - This will allow you to import students, alone, or import students and advisors.


If your import includes students, or students and advisors together, skip to step 3.

Step 2 - Import Advisors: 

Choose to either Select All or check the boxes next to the advisors you want to import, then click Next. Advisors will then receive a registration email from BridgeU asking them to check their details, create a password, and finish logging in. 

Any advisors who already have BridgeU accounts will be marked in brackets (already imported). 

Step 3 - Import Students: 

First, select which cohort of students you would like to import. Initially, BridgeU will list all year groups you can choose from.
Screenshot_2019-03-06_at_09.42.26.pngScroll down and click Next Step when you have selected the relevant cohorts.


Next, press the + Show Students button and either select all students from that year group by clicking on the Select button to the right, or only check the boxes next to the specific students you want to import.

When you're finished selecting which year groups and students to import, click Next Step

Step 4 - Assign Advisors:

If you don't want to assign and import advisors, click Next Step.

If you would like to assign and import advisors with the students(s), you have two options.

You can assign advisors based on how they are assigned within ManageBac, choosing between their CAS advisor, EE advisor, Homeroom advisor or TOK advisor, then click Assign.


Alternatively, you can assign advisors individually, selecting an advisor who already exists within BridgeU or ManageBac, by clicking on the Select an Advisor box inline with each student's name. 

Once you have finished assigning advisors click Next Step

Step 5 - Create Accounts: 

The final step shows you a preview of the students you will be importing. To confirm you would like to import these students, click on Create Accounts & Send Email Invites.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your account manager or use our chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of the page as you are going through this process. 





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