View and Download a Student's School Report

When completing a student's School Report, there are external files attached to it that you may want to review before a university downloads it. These files include: School Details, School Profile, and the student's Transcript(s).


How to view and download a student's School Report

Head to the Document Sending tab on the left-hand navigation bar within your Advisor account, click on the student's name that you would like to view documents for to reveal their university applications. Click on Send Common App Forms to see their Common App documents. The option to view the submission is only available after the School Report has been successfully sent to universities and colleges the student is applying to.

Once the School Report has been successfully sent, refresh the page, and two buttons will appear: Unsubmit and View Submission.


Unsubmitting a document

You can only Unsubmit a global Common App form if it has NOT been downloaded by one of the universities or colleges. If you’d like to Unsubmit a Common App form, you can do so on BridgeU. You can learn more about how to unsubmit a Common App form here.

Take a look at Common App's One and Done Policy to learn more about global Common App forms.


Viewing and downloading a student's School Report

When you click the View Submission button, this will open a new tab in your browser which will allow you to view and save the PDF file of the School Report that the university will access once they've downloaded it. 

If there are any discrepancies, please Unsubmit the School Report and make any necessary amendments. You can then re-submit the School Report again when you are ready.  

Once the School Report has been downloaded by any university or college, the Unsubmit button will no longer be available and you will not be able to make further changes to the form. School Optional Reports can be used to send updated information and corrections if required. 


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