Assessments on BridgeU: Human eSources integration explained

AchieveWorks® Assessments from Human eSources (formerly KTS) is now available on the BridgeU student platform. Whether you’re an advisor or a student, read below to find out what this means for you using Assessments after this change.


Key Changes

As a student, here are some key changes that will provide you with an enhanced experience using AchieveWorks®  Assessments on BridgeU:

  1. Use Assessments directly within BridgeU
  2. No extra login and website details to remember
  3. An additional Assessment is available - AchieveWorks Skills 

Students graduating in 2024 or later who have used the same email address for both Human eSources and BridgeU will be able to view any previously completed assessments in BridgeU after this date.

All students also have the opportunity to take the AchieveWorks Skills assessment - an additional type of assessment to help your students build skills for academic and workplace success.


As an advisor, you can still:

  • Take AchieveWorks® Assessments by logging into your Test student account. If you haven’t created a test student account yet, follow the steps in this article to Add a Test student account

  •  Assign your students' assessments on BridgeU. However, it is not required to direct your students to the Human eSources website using an access code, as the AchieveWorks® Assessments are available to them in their BridgeU accounts. Access to the Human eSources website is no longer available to both students and staff.

For Advisors: We recommend using a generic URL such as or when creating a new assessment. You can then direct students to their Assessments tab to complete the assignment.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by using our Live Chat or sending us an email at 


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