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The following steps below will show you how to pair your BridgeU and Common App accounts. Completing this process will allow you to add Common App universities and colleges to your BridgeU Applications list. Pairing your accounts also ensures that information, such as your selected application deadline, is consistent across both platforms.

In this article you will be shown;

  • The steps involved to pair your BridgeU & CommonApp Accounts (video or step by step)
  • How to add CommonApp Universities to your BridgeU Applications List


Pairing your BridgeU & CommonApp accounts



Step 1: When logged in to your BridgeU account navigate to the top right corner and click your name > profile.



Step 2: From your profile click the button to pair your Common App account



Step 3: A pop-up will appear with points to note. If you haven't set up your Common App account yet, please proceed to create an account. If you have already created an account, proceed to Step 4 below to add your school in the Education section of your Common App profile.



 Step 4: Log in to your Common App account. Navigate to Common App > Education > Current or Most Recent Secondary/High School > Find School.


Step 5: We recommend searching for your school by CEEB Code. If you are not sure of your school's CEEB Code, check the pop-up within your BridgeU account (see example in Step 3 above). Enter the code, select your school, and click continue.



Step 6: Navigate back to your BridgeU account and click to Proceed to Common App.



Step 7: This will take you back to Common App where you may be prompted to sign in again. After this you will be prompted to check the I Agree box and click to Connect.



Step 8: You will be redirected back to BridgeU, where you will now see that your Common App and BridgeU accounts are paired.



Step 9: Verify that your Common App ID (CAID) listed in BridgeU (see Step 8 above) matches the one listed in Common App.


Note: Congratulations, you have now successfully paired your Common App and BridgeU accounts! 


Adding CommonApp Universities to your BridgeU applications

If you are planning to apply to any Common App universities or colleges, follow the steps below to learn how to add them to your BridgeU Applications list. 

Note: For non-Common App universities, you can follow these steps instead to add to your BridgeU Applications list.


Step 1: When logged in to your Common App account, navigate to College Search. Search for and add any Common App university or college.



Step 2: The institution(s) you added will now appear in your My Colleges list. Click on a specific university to input information on your start term and admission plan [University Name] > Application > Questions > General. Answer the questions in this section and click to ContinueBy completing these questions, you are providing BridgeU information on your selected application deadline.

Note: You will also need to complete the FERPA release authorization process on Common App before your teachers or advisors can upload recommendation letters and reports on your behalf. You can complete this in the section visible below titled Recommenders and FERPA. Learn more about the FERPA waiver here.




Step 3: From your BridgeU Applications page, click to Sync from Common App. The sync may take a moment and you may need to refresh the page.



Step 4: Your BridgeU Applications page will update. Double check that the university (or universities) added match your Common App My Colleges list and selected deadline(s).



Step 5: If needed, you can remove any Common App universities from your BridgeU Applications list by removing them from your Common App My Colleges list and repeating Step 3 above to Sync from Common App.


Note: Congratulations, you have now successfully added Common App universities and colleges to your BridgeU Applications list. Make sure to check out BridgeU's Guide to US Application Essays and good luck with your applications!


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