Common App integration FAQs


One of my teachers is late in submitting their teacher recommendation. Can I send my student's application without it?

Yes, you can send your student's application before receiving the teacher recommendation. Once the teacher has completed their recommendation, you will need to return to Document Sending and send the teacher recommendation separately.

It is worth noting that some universities prefer to receive applications in their entirety. So it might be worth finding out if it would be better to delay and send the complete application.


My student's individual Common App form won't complete. What's going on?

If your student's form in the School Report has a cross, it means that the form is incomplete. Example:


To find out which questions are incomplete, click 'Save' at the bottom of the form and wait for the error message to appear just below the 'Save' button. Example: 


There are two places where you may need to complete these questions. Firstly, there might be an incomplete question in the student's form. Secondly, you might need to return to the whole school report in School Settings. Once you've completed all of the question, click 'Save' and you will see a green tick.


How do I send transcripts for students that transferred to my school?

Schools are able to indicate up to 4 transcript documents on the School Report.  You can upload up to 4 documents as 'initial transcripts'. This could include transcripts from the student's previous school(s). Alternatively, you could combine documents to send as a single PDF but please note that Common App has a file size limit of 2mb per document.

Remember, the number indicated on the School Report must match the number of initial transcript documents uploaded, so if you say '2' and then only upload 1 initial transcript you will receive an error message.


Why is the Common App School Report preview not reflective of the questions that I answered?

We are still updating this function. So don't be alarmed, all of the questions that you answered will be delivered to the universities. 


What format do I enter a phone number in the School Report?

The country code is needed in the phone number field.  The correct format to enter into the School Report form field is to add the country code (without a plus sign), then a dot, then a phone number. So something like:

You can also use a dash or a space, so these examples `44.555-3051-8299` and `44.555 3051 8299` also work.

As long as the country code is entered, and then a dot, the field is quite permissive, and allows shorter and longer numbers.


How do I complete the counselor details on the School Report form? Why can't I change the email address?

Ensure the student has an advisor assigned on BridgeU. This advisor's email will be populated on the School Report form, along with other personal details you can enter in (e.g., name, phone).

To modify the email that appears in this form, you should change the assigned BridgeU advisor for the student. How to change advisor assignments.

Important: you must not change the advisor after saving any Common App form in the student's application. Please reach out to us at if you are in this situation.


When are the documents actually sent to the university?

Every change made from the school is saved to the Common App. The documents are only sent to the university once the student pays the fee (if applicable) and submits the application in the Common App.  


Why don't I have checkboxes to send the school profile or initial transcript(s)?

The school report, school profile, and initial transcript(s) are bundled and sent together. When you send the school report, the school profile and initial transcript(s) go along with this to the university. If it says 'sent' for the school report, this means 'sent' for the school report and initial transcript(s) as well.

Please note: depending on how you answer certain questions you may also be requested to send 'transcript courses' or 'international official results' and these documents also get bundled together with the school report.


Why don't I have checkboxes to send the advisor recommendation or teacher recommendation(s)?

The checkboxes allowing you to send these documents will appear after the document has been uploaded. If the 'advisor recommendation' or 'teacher recommendation' columns say 'choose file' this means that the document hasn't been uploaded so you can proceed to click 'choose file' to upload. Once the document has been uploaded, the checkboxes for you to send to the university will appear. Note that both advisor and teacher recommendations have accompanying evaluation forms that need to be completed before submission to universities.


Why can't I select a specific university to send a document to?

Common App does not allow different versions of certain documents to be sent to different universities. The school report, school profile, initial transcript(s), and advisor (i.e., counselor) recommendation is a standard document being sent to all universities the student submits an application to via Common App. Teacher recommendations can be sent to an individual university. Please note that supporting documents are only released to universities from Common App after the student has submitted their application and paid any fees (if applicable).


How do I complete an early decision agreement?

The early decision agreement counselor affirmation is available for you to complete. You can find this document type when you click to 'add document' and this will appear in a document column. Please note there are separate document types for early decision ONE vs. early decision TWO.

You will only be able to send the early decision ONE agreement if a student has selected that deadline on their end.

You will only be able to send the early decision TWO agreement if a student has selected that deadline on their end.


Can counselors see the student's application submission status on BridgeU?

The integration doesn't allow us to find out this information and display it to counselors. Please note that supporting documents are only released to universities after the students have submitted their application and paid any fees (if applicable).

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