Part 4: Researching your shortlisted universities/courses

Once you have selected some universities/courses from your matcher you can then start to research them in more detail.

Step 1:
Click on ‘Shortlist’ at the top of the university matches page.


Step 2: If you have any universities/courses you would like to add to your shortlist that were not suggested as university matches automatically, click the blue +Add university or course option in the top left side of the cards.

Step 3: Scroll through the list to find the specific university or course, then click ‘+Add’ to add to your Shortlist. Repeat for any more schools you want to add.


Step 4: To begin researching one of your shortlisted universities click on the blue name of the course or the university name. 


Step 5: At the top of the page read the university overview for a summary of the university and use the link to their website to find out more. At the bottom of this page check the physical location of the university on the map and look at the information on campus surroundings to familiarise yourself.

Step 6: Use the Notes tab to save notes to your scrapbook. These notes can be anything you discovered in your research of the university, for example accommodation fees or financial aid options. Aim to add at least three notes per shortlisted university.

You can also add a note directly from the Shortlist main page by clicking Add Note next for the university


NOTE: If you are considering studying at either the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford use our Recommend colleges tool to find your 3 best match colleges. Find out more from our Oxbridge College Questionnaire FAQ

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