Part 5: Selecting universities for your application list

When you have decided to apply to one of the Universities you have researched you can add this to your applications list to keep track of the preparation you need to take and to let your counselor know.

Step 1:
 From the ‘Shortlist’ page, click the green Add to Application List button on the university card.


Step 2: Select the deadline for your application, and also select route for how you will apply.

For some Universities/courses you will be asked need to check the official Yniversity website for specific application deadlines, and the route you apply will be different depending on the options for each university.

NOTE: If your school is using the BridgeU-Common App integration and you are applying via Common App, this process will be slightly different for you. Please refer to our specific instructions for how to add Common App universities to your BridgeU Application list


Step 3: Click the green Save button which will update your Applications list.

Step 4: As you submit and hear back from universities on your Applications list, use the Application Status section to update your progress and outcomes. Keeping this updated frequently will help both you and your advisor keep track.

More details in Part 6: Updating your university application outcomes


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