How do I get help and support?

When using BridgeU, you may come across some technical questions about the platform that you are unsure about. The BridgeU support team is here to help! In order to process your enquiry efficiently, please be sure to only use our livechat function or This way, we are able to keep track of your issue and give visibility to the people who can help solve it.

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Advisors and Students can find our livechat function and Help Centre link within the platform. The Help Centre is filled with useful content on every feature inside the platform, so have a go at searching for your solution before reporting your issue!

Asking about an Issue

When submitting a ticket to our channel, please be sure to include as much information as possible. This then saves us from going back to you when it could be a time-sensitive issue.

The type of information useful to us includes;

  • Screenshots/exact error messages received
  • Student's full names, email addresses or Common App IDs

Reporting A Bug

If you think you have spotted a potential bug with the platform, please write to us including as much information as you can, such as:

  • Error message you received
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Device type
  • Browser type
  • Browser version
  • Operating system being used
  • Additional info

If you have any questions, need further assistance or have some general feedback for us - we’d love to hear from you! Contact our Support team via Live Chat and by emailing

You can also ask our BridgeU Community, a space exclusively for our BridgeU counsellors to ask questions, share insights, provide feedback and get help not just from BridgeU, but directly from other BridgeU counsellors.

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