How to send School Midyear Reports for Common Applications


1. Click ADD DOCUMENT and search for "Transcript" under Document Type



2. Name the Document so it is easy to identify


3. Click Choose File to upload the required midyear grades transcript document (PDF under 2MB) and click ADD.


4. Click ADD DOCUMENT and search for "School Midyear Report" under Document Type and click ADD.



5. Underneath the School Midyear Report column, click the blue pen icon to open up the CommonApp form



6. Answer the necessary questions on the form, and under the "Transcripts" section ensure you select the correct Transcript that you have just uploaded from the dropdown.



7. Once the form is marked complete (green tick), you are ready to send it off.


Don't forget: if you upload a different transcript, remember to update your selection and resave the CommonApp form by clicking the blue pen icon.


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