An overview of AchieveWorks® Assessments

Your school’s BridgeU account provides students with automatic access to AchieveWorks® Assessments directly on BridgeU. Follow the steps below to learn how to create Assessments on BridgeU and how you can view students’ uploaded assessment results. 

There are 4 AchieveWorks® Assessments available to students in BridgeU - each assessment takes around 20 minutes to complete:

  • AchieveWorks® Personality
  • AchieveWorks® Learning & Productivity
  • AchieveWorks® Intelligences
  • AchieveWorks® Skills

View AchieveWorks® Counselor Handbooks on BridgeU Community to help navigate each assessment. 

To receive a PDF report for each assessment, we recommend setting four separate assessments for students to complete.


Step 1: Navigate to the  Assessments tab and click Create Assessment

Step 2: Add the assessment details, assign the relevant students and set the assessment due date. Click Create when finished.

You can use the filter options highlighted in the below example to narrow down your student list then use the tick boxes to select all or individual students to the assessment.Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 12.04.20.png


Step 3: Students will receive a notification on their BridgeU dashboard advising them they have been assigned an assessment.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 14.40.27.png

Students can review all the relevant information, take (or retake) their AchieveWorks® assessments and view their completed reports in their Assessments tab.Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.02.25.png

Once they have completed their assessment, students should upload their downloaded PDF report for their advisor to review. Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 13.44.50.png

Step 4: Advisors can manage all assessments set for students in their Assessments tab and review submitted PDF reports on the student's overview page. Click Tasks/ Assessments to view the results.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.14.58.png

Advisors cannot take AchieveWorks® Assessments whilst impersonating a student account. Instead, log out of your Advisor account and log into BridgeU using your 'test' Student account credentials. Navigate to Assessments where you can then take each assessment yourself. If you need to create a 'test' student account then view this article for instructions on how to add a Test student account. 

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You can also ask our BridgeU Community, a space exclusively for our BridgeU counsellors to ask questions, share insights, provide feedback and get help not just from BridgeU, but directly from other BridgeU counsellors.

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