Setting a KTS (Human eSources) Assessment on BridgeU (Step-By-Step)

This article will show you how to set a KTS (Human eSources) Assessment on BridgeU, how the student creates their account, and how you can view their uploaded assessment results. Note the access key in the screenshot is not your school access key - contact your CSM if you need a reminder of your key.


How to assign the KTS assessments on BridgeU

Step 1: Go into the Assessments and click the green button Create AssessmentThis will pop out a window where you can begin adding details about the KTS assessment test and can select which students you wish to assign the assessment to. Remember to include the access code you received in your registration email because the students will need to enter this code when creating their KTS acccount.
Step 2: Students will receive a notification on their dashboard advising that they have been assigned an assessment.
Students will be able to view all details of their assigned assessment and will be able to upload their results after completing the test in the Assessments page.
Step 3: Students will head to and click Enter Access Key under the Register a New Account section. There will be a pop-out where the students can enter the Access Key you have provided from them.
Step 4: You can check the status of the assessments by going into each student's profile and clicking the Assessments overlay.


Remember there are 3 different assessments available: learning styles, multiple intelligences and personality type. Students only need the access code once to create their accounts, but if you want a PDF of each assessment report, set them as 3 separate assessments.


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