Attaching Transcripts to the School Report

Schools are able to indicate up to 4 transcript documents on the School Report.  You can upload up to 4 documents as 'Transcripts'. This could include transcripts from the student's previous school(s). Alternatively, you could combine documents to send as a single PDF but please note that Common App has a file size limit of 2mb per document.

Remember, the number indicated on the School Report must match the number of initial transcript documents uploaded, so if you say '2' and then only upload 1 initial transcript you will receive an error message.

To add a transcript for a student and then attach it to the school report: 

  • Press ‘ADD DOCUMENT’ 
  • Select ‘Transcript’ and upload the required document in PDF format.
  • Give it a name and press save. We recommend uploading transcripts as "Initial Transcript",  “Mid Year Transcript", or "Final Transcript."
  • Go to the School Report column and click on the blue pen.
  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the form where it says ‘Transcripts
  • Select the number of transcripts you intend to send.
  • Select the transcripts by selecting the correct document name:

  • Important! If you later need to change/remove the number of transcripts, please make sure to reflect this in the School Report Form. Then press ‘Save’ after making any changes so that it updates and attaches the correct Transcripts. 
  • To send the School Report (as well as School Profile and Transcripts), press the ‘Preview and Send Selected’ green button located by the student name:
  • You will be shown what documents will be sent, and to what Universities. Note that the Document Type should be the School Report, and the Files should be the School Profile and Transcripts that are attached:


  • Tick the consent box, and press 'Send'.
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