Bootcamp Lesson 1: How to be the best university candidate using the Strategy Advisor


This is the first lesson of our six lesson "BridgeU Bootcamp: Up your game for College & University Applications in six weeks"
In this lesson we guide students through self-exploration. They will learn more about their own interests, strengths and skills and what they want to improve. They will use BridgeU’s Strategy Advisor to build a strategy to become better applicants. At the end of the lesson, students will have drafted a plan, with their main goals and actions.
Last but not least, BridgeU counsellor Mr. Arboleda from Georgia School Ningbo, tunes in for two minutes to share how his students have successfully used the strategy advisor


Video 18 mins + Activities 20 mins = Total 40 to 45 minutes (including activities)


For counselors: Assign your students the “Strategy Advisor” task before asking them to take this lesson.
For students: make sure to log into your BridgeU account




Bootcamp Lesson 2: How to link your interests with a potential Career, and how best to use our Careers Tool

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