Bootcamp Lesson 2: How to link your interests with a potential Career, and how best to use our Careers Tool


This is the second lesson of our six lesson "BridgeU Bootcamp: Up your game for College & University Applications in six weeks".

In this lesson, students will begin thinking about what a career means to them. They will learn more about how they can link their own interests and skills with a career. They will use BridgeU’s Careers Tool to explore labour market trends, and use it to research jobs that they are interested in as well as some they haven't heard of. 

Last but not least, BridgeU counsellor Mr. Gropp from I-Shou International School, tunes in for two minutes to share some tips on how to use the Careers Tool.


Video 14 mins + Activities 30 mins = Total 40 to 45 minutes (including activities).

Preparation for students

  • Make sure to log into your BridgeU account
  • Download the Table below, which you will need to complete the Careers Tool activity
  • The videos mentioned in the lesson are also liked at the bottom of this page.





Videos mentioned in the lesson:

Click here to watch Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech.

Click here to watch 'Will AI affect all jobs?'


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