Careers tool & report upload video guide

View the video below to learn how to use the Careers tool to plan your future career path.

Steps for saving Careers Report as a PDF:

  1. Once logged into your BridgeU student account click on the Careers tool tab
  2. Click on View Careers Report
  3. Then click Print Report
  4. Once the Printing menu pops up, make sure to select the option Save as PDF, do not send it to your printer
  5. Once you have selected Save as PDF option, click Save


Steps for uploading a Careers Report PDF for Review: 

  1. Find the relevant Assessment that has been set by your advisor, this can be found in two areas of the platform 
    1. The Assessment on the left-hand side menu bar or
    2. Listed on your BridgeU homepage in Tasks section 
  2. Once you have navigated to Assessment, either drag or drop the PDF file or click on the file icon and upload it from your local drive. Once this step is complete there will be a green tick next to the list of assessment titles indicating that the file has been uploaded successfully.



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