Bootcamp Lesson 3: How to take Psychometric Assessments and Understand the Results


This is the third lesson of our six lesson "BridgeU Bootcamp: Up your game for College & University Applications in six weeks"
In this lesson we guide students through the three Keys to Succeed Assessments: Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences and Personality Types. We also take a quick look at the KTS Careers Center. 

This lesson features detailed insights from our guest presenter, Susie Wood, Senior Consultant and Trainer for Human eSources (LinkedIn). Susie helps students to break down their results using the criteria checklists (downloadable at the bottom of the page)


Video 55 mins + Activities 65 mins = Total 2 hours (including activities). Recommended that this is broken down into three sessions:

0min - Learning Styles

14min 55seconds - Multiple Intelligences

31min 20seconds - Personality types



For counsellors: Ensure you have spoken to your CSM to activate the KTS Assessments (this is an add-on, please allow up to 48 hours for your accounts to be created). Assign your students the Assessments on BridgeU before asking them to take this lesson (here's a guide).
For students: create your Keys to Succeed account, or have your Access Key ready. Download the three Assessment Criteria Checklists below. Have a pen and paper ready.


Bootcamp Lesson 4 - The Destination Decision: Where do I want to go?

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