Review a student task

There are multiple ways to approve a student task.

Option 1: Approve a student task after receiving a notification

Step 1: Click on your Notifications button.

Step 2: Click to View the task that was submitted for review.

Step 3: Click to Approve the task.



Option 2: Approve a student task directly from your dashboard

Step 1: From your dashboard, scroll down to Student tasks to review.

Step 2: Click the Checkbox button.

Step 3: Click to Approve the task.



Option 3: Approve a student task from your Student Tasks page

Step 1: Click on Student tasks from the menu.

Step 2: Find the task you would like to review and click View.

Step 3: Scroll down on the task details page and approve a task clicking the Checkmark next to an individual student's name.

Step 4: For any task assignments completed within BridgeU (e.g., Strategy Advisor, Shortlist) you can click to Review or View Progress, followed by Approve.


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