Requesting a Recommendation Letter

Your recommendation letter is an important part of your application because of the following reasons:

  • It serves to showcase and reveal your character, strengths and experiences to assure to the admission officers you are an asset to the university

  • It can help you stand out from other applicants

  • It acts as an endorsement of you

The teacher who will write your Recommendation Letter will refer to your BridgeU profile for additional information in order to help strengthen your letter. Therefore, it’s really useful to have your information up to date on BridgeU. 

How to Request a Recommendation Letter


Step 1: From the menu, click on Recommendations

Step 2: Click on My Progress 

Step 3: Click on New recommendation

Step 4: Enter the recommender name and email address

Step 5: Customise the recommendation request message.

Step 6 (route 1): If you'd like to send the request immediately, make sure to check the Send now box before clicking Save.


Step 6 (route 2): If you'd like to create a draft request before sending it out, click Save to save the recommendation request. The request will be marked in orange and show pending status. You will still be able to edit any details when the status is pending.


Step 7 (route 2): To send out a draft request, click Preview and send directly. You will be directed to a page to preview the request and then you can click Send to teacher green button on the top right corner of the preview page. If you click Edit to go into the request details, after any adjustment, please click Preview and send to teacher directly to access the preview page and then click Send to teacher green button on the page.


Please double-check with your counsellor about the correct recommender name and email address to make sure the spelling is correct. Once the request is sent, you won't be able to edit their names and email address.

When the teacher has completed the Letter of Recommendation, the status will show as Complete. If you need to resend a request, you can click Resend Email:


BridgeU does not automatically send out completed letters of recommendation to universities. This is because universities have different limits on how many letters they will accept. For example, if you have 2 different letters on the system and the university only accepts 1, then a decision needs to be made on which to send. Your counselor selects which letters go to which university, so please contact them with any preferences you have after you request the recommendations and let them know if you add any new universities to your application list.

Here is a list of the min (required) /max (optional) teacher recommendations each university accepts.


If you have any questions or general feedback - we’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to our Support team via Live Chat or by emailing us on: and we’ll gladly assist you further



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