Bootcamp Lesson 4 - The Destination Decision: Where do I want to go?


This is the fourth lesson in our series "BridgeU Bootcamp: Up your game for College & University Applications in six weeks"
In this lesson, we explain tools and exercises students can do to help with the decision making process in selecting their university destination. Students will read through each 'Country Guide' which provides detailed information on the most popular destinations of interest, and in addition, we have activities and content aimed at enabling self-reflection, and awareness.

We aim to give students more confidence in navigating this decision-making process. Through following the lesson plan, students will gain the knowledge to complete our provided research table, identify key factors to research, and complete a Starbursting diagram with questions to ask friends or family.

College Counselor Mr. Turner, Dwight School Dubai, provides valuable insight based on his extensive experience supporting students through this process.


Video 20 mins + Activities 40 mins = Total 1 hour (including activities)


For students: Have your BridgeU username and password ready to log into your BridgeU account, as well as a pen and paper

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