Import Naviance data into BridgeU

Please follow the below steps if you are a school transitioning from Naviance to BridgeU and would like to import data for students that already have application outcomes:

Step 1: Log in to your Naviance account

Step 2: Click on Setup (cog symbol in top right)

Step 3: Click on Data Export (left hand menu). This will take you to a dropdown of several files. These are what we will need to import the data into BridgeU.

Step 4: In the Grade/Class range select "All class years" in the first box, and the current/last class (e.g. "class of 2018")  in the second box

Step 5: One by one, select each of the following exports, and export them.

  • TOEFL scores
  • Student data
  • SAT scores (taken before Mar 2016)
  • SAT scores
  • SAT Subject Test scores (Single and Multi column)
  • PSAT scores
  • PSAT scores (taken before Oct 2015)
  • Application data
  • AP scores (Single and Multi column)
  • ACT Aspire, PLAN and ACT Scores

Some of the files might have the same names (both PSAT files are exported as psat_scores.csv, so one of them will probably be automatically renamed to something like psat_scores (2).csv - make sure you include ALL of these files.

We expect all values in the 'gpa' column of the 'Student data' file to be on a 4-point GPA scale. If you use a different scale, please put your grades in the 'weighted_gpa' column.

Step 6: Please send these exports via email to and copy your Customer Success Manager (CSM).