Best Practices for Launching BridgeU

Ready to get your students started with BridgeU? Go through the steps below to learn best practices for introducing BridgeU to your students!


Step 1: Ensure student accounts have been created and students have received registration emails.

  • Account Setup - You can bulk upload students, import via ManageBac, or add them manually - see options here

  • IT Support - Ensure that your school's IT team has whitelisted emails from


Step 2: Set aside time in the school schedule to discuss BridgeU with students

  • Duration - We recommend 45-60 minutes for an initial introduction to BridgeU, but you can adjust the content to fit the time your students have available

  • Location - Arrange a room at your school which includes a display (e.g., TV, projector) so you can conduct a live demonstration or show videos. Virtual launches also work well by sharing your screen to students via video conferencing software.

  • Devices - Provide students access to a device they can use to log in to their own BridgeU account (e.g., laptop, tablet, computer lab)

  • BridgeU Chat Support - Email your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to communicate the date/time of your planned student launch. Our support team can try to make arrangements to be available to answer live questions from you or your students via BridgeU chat. We can help to plan and may even be able to run the launch for you, please ask if this is possible.


Step 3: Show student launch videos, or use a test student account to demonstrate key features and have students try themselves.


Step 4: After concluding the session, set a task for your students to complete.

For example, assign the Grade 11/Year 12 students a Shortlisting task:

  1. Go to students page, filter for the correct class
  2. Select all students and click Set task
  3. Choose University Matches - Build your Shortlist with University Matches
  4. Assign a deadline

Finally, review BridgeU Lesson Plans and planning materials to prepare future BridgeU activities for students and build them into your guidance curriculum.

We have a compressed "BridgeU Bootcamp" curriculum if you are launching with students who need to rapidly ramp up to building their application lists.

Book time with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you would like help planning.


If you have any questions, need further assistance or have some general feedback for us - we’d love to hear from you! Contact our Support team via Live Chat and by emailing

If you have yet to join, our BridgeU Community is available.  A space exclusively for our BridgeU counsellors to gain or share practices, discuss general questions or share your own successes with other BridgeU counsellors.


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