University Application Cut-Off Setting

The University Application Cut-Off setting is available to prevent your students from adding additional applications to their list shortly before an application deadline. Instead, students will be required to inform their counsellor directly about any new application they wish to add.

If you are using the BridgeU integration with Common App, setting an application cut-off date will not prevent students from adding universities on Common App and synchronising to BridgeU. The application cut-off date you set here is ONLY applicable to applications that students add on BridgeU.

How to set up your University Application Cut-Off date


Step 1: On your BridgeU dashboard, select School Settings and click the Customisation tab.

Step 2: Scroll down to the University Application Cut-off section and you will be able to select the Cut-off date and Graduating Year (this can be a specific year or applied to all students). To save your setting, click the green Set button to activate the cut-off date.

Once this is activated, you can deactivate the University Cut-off setting by clicking the red Clear button that now appears at the bottom of the section.

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