University Application Cut-off


The university application cut-off feature is available to prevent students from adding additional applications to their list shortly before an application deadline. Instead, students will be required to inform a teacher directly about the new application.  

Advisors are still able to add to the student’s application list by visiting their shortlist page. You can adjust or remove the cut-off date at any time from the School Settings tab.

How to set up your university application cut-off date

Step 1: Go to the School Settings tab and click on University Application Cut-off

Step 2: Select a cut-off date and choose to apply it to a single graduation year or to all students.


Step 3: Click Set to activate the cut-off date.  

Once set, the cut-off date can be deactivated by clicking on Clear, then update and re-set as needed. 

NB. Students using the CommonApp integration will still be able to add and sync their applications via CommonApp

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