Shortlist feature guide

Here's a short video guide on how to make the most out of our Shortlist feature.


Don't have a university on your shortlist yet?

You can manually add universities or courses to your Shortlist page. 

Step 1: Click the Universities tab.

Step 2: To search for a specific University you can use the search bar in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Scroll through the list to find the specific university, then click the green Shortlist button to add it to your Shortlist page.

You do not need to type in the full university name, you can type in something like "Madrid" for the IE University, Madrid, Spain and "Communication" for any communication course. Please see the image below for reference. You may need to input the full name of the University rather than the short name (for example, Indian Institute of Technology rather than IIT).


Can't find a particular course or university? please email us at and share the name of the University, course and a direct link to the website. Thank you for your help!


If you have any questions or general feedback - we’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to our Support team via Live Chat or by emailing us on: and we’ll gladly assist you further

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