Add a dummy student account

Advisors should create a dummy student account to access, explore, and experience BridgeU as a student.

Step 1: Click on the Students tab from your menu

Step 2: Click on +Add Student in the top right corner.

Step 3: Enter any first and last name for your dummy student. To easily differentiate this dummy account from your real students, you may want to list the first name as 'Dummy' and the last name as your first name (e.g., 'Dummy Sara').

Step 4: Since your school email address is in use for your advisor account, please use a personal or alternative email address for your dummy student account. This is the email that will receive the invitation to register with BridgeU as a student.

Step 5: Enter a graduation year that is far in the past (e.g., 1990) to make sure the student isn't accidentally included with current student reports. Finally, assign the dummy student to yourself as the advisor.

Step 6: Indicate that you have consent to share these details. And click to Add student.


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