How to Set Your Students Up for Summer Success


Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, many students have had to prepare for major changes of plans over their summer break - with family holidays, internships and summer camps being cancelled all around the world.

However, just because they’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean they can’t spend their time wisely! We’ve done some research and have found some interesting and creative ideas that hopefully will help your students have a more positive and inspiring summer! 

Learn new skills and gain industry knowledge

We appreciate that having an exciting internship canceled is a huge disappointment for students. Internships offer a fantastic way to gain industry knowledge and develop transferable skills, but how about trying to learn these skills in other ways?

Ask students to create a list of skills they wanted to achieve through their internship such as coding, communication, commercial awareness and share with them the option of learning these skills via online platforms. 

Some great resources for online learning are: 

The International Association for College Admission Counseling has also released a fantastic resource that lists International 2020 summer programs, a full list of inspirational ways to fulfil students' time.


Take on a Research project 

Summer research programs and projects are a great way for students to demonstrate skills and their ability beyond what their test scores and grades reflect. Research projects allow students to build on their skills such as critical thinking, analytical and evaluation to name a few!
Students can create their own research projects to show initiative as well as their willingness to take on a challenge which will help them stand out in university applications. 


Read lots!

If your students have lots of free time over the summer, reading is a great way to pass the time as well as develop their knowledge and creativity! Why not assign a task for students to create a summer book log using Goodreads? You can also encourage them to think critically about the books they’re reading and post a review.

If your students are stuck for ideas on what to read, here are some great recommended books that are suitable for young adults from reputable sources, many of which we have read ourselves and enjoyed. 


Build a CV & log experiences

As many universities require students to submit a CV together with their application, why not have students get started sooner rather than later? The summer is a great time to reflect and write up their experiences which will help them stand out as strong university candidates. To provide your students with structure, BridgeU has a CV template readily available for them to use.

Students can also log their activities and experiences in the BridgeU Strategy Advisor. The strategy advisor helps students understand how to use these experiences to write application essays depending on the country they are applying to. ( We also recently updated the prompts on the Strategy Advisor - check it out and let us know what you think!

How have you been inspiring and advising your students on making this a purposeful and productive summer?

Please share this by either contacting or your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We would love to hear from you!

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