Add an IBCP friendly university to your Shortlist

BridgeU now supports university matching for IBCP friendly universities. Follow the steps below to add these universities to your shortlist. For a full list of IBCP friendly universities click here

There are two ways to add an IBCP friendly universities/courses, via either the university matcher or shortlist page. 

Adding IBCP universities via the University Matcher

Step 1: Enter your IBCP grades to the Profile Builder > Education section in your account. Select:

  • Profile Builder
  • Education
  • International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme
  • Choose course type (typically 3 DP subjects and a BTEC) and add your predicted/target grades 

Step 2: Go to the University Matches page to view your recommended IBCP friendly universities. Click the Shortlist button to save a university to your shortlist page.

Adding IBCP universities via the Shortlist page

Step 1: Check out the list of IBCP friendly universities by clicking here

Step 2: Click on the +Add university or course card in the top left corner to search for a university or course

Step 3: Scroll through the list to find the specific university or course, then click +Add to add to your Shortlist.


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