Part 6: Updating your university application outcomes

As you begin to send your applications to Universities, hear back from Universities about their decisions and offers, and make your own decisions about where to enrol you can use BridgeU to track this information and keep your advisor informed.

Making sure your advisor knows about your university outcomes and attendance decisions is very important! Your advisor can provide advice to help with your decision making process if needed. In some cases, your advisor may also need to send final transcripts or other documentation to the university where you do enrol.

Step 1:
On your Applications page, for a specific university or course, find the Application Status section on the right side of the page.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 11.21.59 AM.png


Step 2: Within the Application Status section, click mark sent to indicate that you have sent an application. Best wishes for your applications!


Step 3Congratulations on any of your acceptances and offers! Once you hear back from the university, you can indicate the University's decision. The default University decision options may differ slightly to account for variations in terminology used by different countries. You can always use the 'other' dropdown menu to select alternative outcomes.

Note: For conditional offers, you will be prompted to share details about offer conditions.

Note: If you select waitlisted or deferred, you will be prompted to update any subsequent decision from the university when you receive it.

Note: For applications to the UK, you will also be prompted to indicate your choice: firm, insurance, decline.



Step 4: Once you have made a decision about where to enrol, indicate the university or course you plan to attend. Make sure to also update the other applications on your list to show where you are not attending.


Once you have updated all your applications, you are all set. Congratulations on graduation and best wishes for university!

If you have any questions or general feedback - we’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to our Support team via Live Chat or by emailing us on: and we’ll gladly assist you further


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