How to Upload and Attach a Transcript to the School Report

There are two methods to upload and attach a Transcript to the student's School Report.

Method 1: Uploading Transcript to the Documents locker

You can upload the transcript to the Documents locker in the student's Document Sending page.

Step 1: Click on the name of the student on the Document Sending Index page

Step 2: Hit the green button on the top right corner, Add/View Documents

Step 3: You'll see an overlay window, click Add Document green button

Step 4: Select Transcript for the document type and give it a descriptive name. We recommend uploading transcripts as "Initial Transcript",  “Mid Year Transcript", or "Final Transcript."

Step 5: Select the required document in PDF format (less than 2MB) from your computer and click on Upload.


Method 2: Upload Transcript in-form

You can upload the student's Transcript directly in the School Report form.

Step 1: Click on the Common App tab on the overlay window

Step 2: Click School Report to go into the form

Step 3: Select the Transcripts section on the right side menu. If you select Upload New File from the drop-menu, this will enable the document upload window to appear. Browse your file (ensure it is PDF only) and give the document a unique name to help you identify the file easier. Once you click Upload, the Transcript will automatically attach to the School Report.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 5.25.55 AM.png

Please note that if you are working on the SMR, SOR, SFR, the transcripts section on these forms allows you to attach only one transcript.

If you'd like to attach multiple transcripts, we'd recommend combining them into one PDF file and then attach to the form. Please also make sure the combined PDF file should be still less than 2MB.

Step 4: Go back to the Common App Overlay to check if the Transcript shows as Attached in the same row as the School Report.

Important! If you later need to change/remove the number of transcripts, please make sure to reflect this in the School Report Form. Then press Save after making any changes so that it updates and attaches the correct Transcripts.


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