How to Upload and Attach a Transcript to the School Report


To add a transcript for a student and then attach it to the school report: 

  • Click on the name of the student on the Document Sending Index page
  • Press Add/View Documents > Add Document
  • Select Transcript for the document type and give it a descriptive name. We recommend uploading transcripts as "Initial Transcript",  “Mid Year Transcript", or "Final Transcript."
  • Select the required document in PDF format from your computer and click on Upload.


  • Click on 'Common App' 
  • Click 'School Report' to attach the Transcripts


  • Scroll down the form where it says ‘Transcripts

  • Select the number of transcripts you intend to send e.g Initial Transcript1
  • Click on the field Transcript 1 to attach the relevant Transcript
  • Save the School Report

You will then see the transcripts attached to the school report: 


Important! If you later need to change/remove the number of transcripts, please make sure to reflect this in the School Report Form. Then press Save after making any changes so that it updates and attaches the correct Transcripts.

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