Tracking Documents sent through Parchment

Once you have sent the required documents for your students, you can track the status of these documents so you know when they have been successfully sent and received by the universities. 

Sometimes Universities can't find all of the documents so may contact your students or yourself to let you know what is missing. In these cases, you will need to give the university the document Parchment ID number, so they can find it in their systems.

There are two ways to find this information:

1. Impersonate your student to view their applications. Please click here to learn about how students track their documents sent via Parchment.

2. The second method you can locate parchment ID is by going into the students' Document Sending page. From there you can click on the document in green where you can locate the Parchment ID.2021-08-10_TrackingDocumentsSentViaParchment.png

To see more tracking information about this document visit this link here and search using the relevant document's Parchment ID. This will contain the date the document was downloaded by the university.


If a university cannot locate a document that was successfully sent and downloaded, you can screenshot and send it to the university, along with the Parchment ID, to help them locate it in their systems. If they still cannot find the document please let us know via

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