Uploading School Report & School Profile

The Common Application requires a School Report to accompany all applications. The School Report gets sent along with the School Transcript (you can send up to 4 transcripts per student) and, if requested, a School Profile.

The School Report and School Profile only need to be completed once, and these will then appear for all students in the Document Sending tab when required by a College or University.

For ideas on how to compile a School Profile, NACAC has a database of sample school profiles that you can check out


School Report:

  • To add a School Report, navigate to the School Settings located on the left-hand side. Select School Report, fill in the blank spaces and answer questions.


  • Once completed, click on Save and the school report will then appear on each individual student's Document Sending page titled School-wide School Report.


Common App's School Report form has 2 parts. The first part is the school-wide questions that'll be the same for all students in your school. BridgeU pulls the first part for you to fill it out just once in the School Settings and it'll be then attached to each student's individual School Report form. This way, you don't have to fill it out multiple times for all students. The second part of the form includes more student-specific questions. Thus, please make sure you fill out the second part for each individual student.


School Profile:

  • To add a School Profile, navigate to the School Settings located on the left-hand side. Select School Profile, and select a School Profile PDF file from your local drive to upload. The size limit is 2MB:


  • The School Profile will show on each student's Document Sending page. 



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