PreSubmission Checklist for CommonApp


  1. Have you linked your BridgeU and Common App account?
    Ensure you have linked the correct Common App account to BridgeU, and that their information is consistent across both platforms (in particular the CommonApp ID). To pair your BridgeU and Common App accounts, you can find more details about the setup here. Once your accounts are paired, your school name, postal address and CEEB code will be auto-filled for you in the Education section on Common App.

  2. Have you answered the FERPA status on Common App? 
    Check your Common App to see that you have completed the FERPA. Make sure to then sync your Universities on your Applications list on BridgeU once it has been completed.

  3. Requesting Teacher Recommendations must be done through BridgeU
    Once your BridgeU account is set up for the CommonApp integration, you should be prompted to invite teacher recommenders through BridgeU. Check with your counselor if you should be requesting these directly using the BridgeU Recommendations Tool, or if your counselor will be processing teacher recommendations this on your behalf. Please do not invite Teachers or Counselor Recommenders through the Common App. You may have done so before you linked your accounts, which will prevent Counselors and Teachers from uploading recommendations through BridgeU. To resolve this, you can manually remove recommendation requests put through your CommonApp accounts. To do so, go to the trash can icon on your Recommender & FERPA page on the Common App:


If the trash bin icons are not available to you, try hovering over the similar position shown in the screenshot to see if the cursor turns to a clickable cursor. If not, please contact and provide your name/email address/CAID. We will then contact Common App for you to resolve this.

  4. Adding colleges to your application list

You are now ready to add to your universities / colleges list. Take a look at this article to show you how.

Good luck with your applications!


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