Common App Counselor Details

If your school's using Common App integration, students should NOT invite their counselors through Common App. School counselors do not need to create a Common App Counselor account so there's no need for school counselors to pair accounts. The pairing is only for students. By default, students' BridgeU Advisor will be automatically assigned as their Common App Counselor.


Confirm counselor details

Before you start to prepare students' documents for their applications, please ensure the student has an advisor assigned on BridgeU. Once students have paired their BridgeU and Common App accounts and have their applications synced back to BridgeU, you will see the BridgeU Advisor's details shown on the top of the Common App section on individual students' Document Sending page.


If this is your first time in the current application cycle trying to save and submit Common App forms, you might see a red cross within the Counselor Personal Details section in the form.


This means that you will need to confirm your counselor details first. To do so, you can either:

  • Within the form, click the blue text Counselor details to open up a small overlay box, make sure the two consent boxes are ticked and finally click save button.
  • On the main student's Document Sending page, click the counselor name next to the FERPA > click the blue text Change Counselor > make sure the two consent boxes are ticked and finally click save button


After this, when you go back to the form, you will see a green tick next to the counselor name. 2021-08-10_AddingCounselorInfo.png

Note 1: You only need to confirm your counselor details once for the first student in the current application cycle. After you've confirmed, you do not need to repeat the above steps for other students.

Note 2: It's recommended to fill out the School Report form first before you proceed with the Counselor Recommendation form. This is because your counselor details are associated with some fields within the individual student's School Report form. To save the Counselor Recommendation form without any error message, it's essential to fill out the School Report form in advance.


Change to a different Counselor

To modify the counselor details appears in this form, you can either:

  • Change the assigned BridgeU advisor for the student as noted above if any forms have not been saved.
  • To keep the same advisor on BridgeU but send documents with a different counselor's details, you can click the current counselor name and change it to a different one. Please make sure the two consent boxes are ticked and saved. 2021-08_10_AddingCounselorInfo.gif

Note 1: If the previous counselor details have been saved and associated with any Common App Global forms that have not been submitted, after the change of counselor, you will need to re-save the forms to have the different counselor details associated with the forms.

Note 2: If the form has been submitted with previous counselor details associated but has not yet been downloaded by any universities, you can unsubmit the form first. Then, change the counselor to a different one and finally re-save the form.

Note 3: The counselor dropdown menu will only include counselors who have been invited through BridgeU for the current application cycle. If a newly added BridgeU Advisor is not showing in the counselor dropdown menu, please contact, we will help with inviting the new BridgeU Advisor as students' Common App Counselor.

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