Document-Sending Dictionary

Universities may require or request a variety of supporting documents. Below are explanations of what each document is and what the document needs to contain. 


Document Details Delivery
Disciplinary Violation Common App: Prompted to include with school report if student has ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at school.  Upload & attach within school report 
Counselor Recommendation (CR)   A broad-based letter written by the students counselor to address things like the academic, extracurricular, and personal characteristics. Upload - school settings

Early Action (EA)

 An application process to apply and receive a decision earlier than the Regular Decision notification date. Unlike Early Decision (ED), EA is “non-binding” and you have no obligation to enroll and will have until May 1 to consider the offer and confirm your enrollment.  Fill form & send 
 Early Decision (ED)   A “binding” application process by which you commit to enrolling in a certain college if you’re admitted. You can apply to other colleges, but only apply ED to one college. If admitted, you must withdraw your other applications. [The EDA form will pop up when students select this as their deadline]. Fill form & send 
Explanation of change  Common App: Prompted to include with report if advisor indicates there has been any change to disciplinary history, grades, or transcript. Upload & attach within relevant report

International Official Results (IOR)

For Common App: Prompted to include with school report if student promotion is based on an exam, and if student has taken the exam (e.g., IGCSE).  Upload & attach within school report 
Fee Waiver (FW) Common App: Prompted to fill form to confirm student’s financial need.Parchment: Upload document to confirm students’ financial need.  Common App: Fill form & send 
Parchment: Upload & send 
 School MidYear Report (SMR)   Submitted by the counselor, this form usually summarizes students academic performance through the middle of their final year of high school. Upload & send; attach within relevant report for Common App
Optional Report (OR)  May be used at any point in the academic year to submit updated grades and/or transcripts. The OR can also be used to correct any errors previously submitted. It should not be used as a substitute for the Mid Year or Final Report and can only be submitted once an application year Upload & send; attach within relevant report for Common App

 Other / University-specific report

For parchment some universities will require you to fill out a university specific report, which you can download from the university website.  Upload & send

 School Profile (SP) 

A school profile provides summary information about the school's student body, curricular offerings, and grading system. Upload - school settings

 School Report (SR)

A form submitted by your high school counselor to provide basic information about your academic performance  Fill form - school settings. SendFill form - doc sending page. Send

Teacher Recommendation (TR

A type of recommender that has taught the student in a specific subject and can speak to their performance in the class. Upload (can be uploaded by teacher based on student request) & send 

 Transcript (T)

Documentation to prove which courses you’ve taken and the grades you received for those courses. Counselor will be required to provide an official transcript on your behalf.   Upload & send; attach within SR for Common App 

Transcript Courses

Common App: Prompted to include with school report if student’s current courses are not listed on the initial transcript Upload & attach within school report
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