Completing a Student's School Report

Before you can complete a student's School Report for Common App, you will need to make sure that the School Details and School Profile are completed first. Once you've successfully completed the School Details and School Profileyou can follow the steps below on how to complete the individual student School Report.


How to complete a Student's School Report

Step 1: Head to the Document Sending tab on the left-hand side of your BridgeU account

Step 2: Click on the student you wish to complete the individual form for


Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 5.09.44 PM.png

Step 3: On the student's individual document sending page, click on Send Common App Forms button

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 5.10.53 PM.png

Step 4: A list of documents to be sent to the Common App will appear. You can see the documents have a red line around them without colour filling as they are incomplete. Click on School Report to open the form and attach documents to it.

Step 5: Fill-in the following sections: Class Rank, GPA, Curriculum, Ratings, and Transcripts.

School Report.png

Step 6: Once you reach the Transcripts page, you can either choose an existing transcript or upload a new transcript directly into the form.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 5.14.25 PM.png


Schools are able to indicate up to 4 transcript documents on the School Report.

The number indicated on the School Report must match the number of transcript documents uploaded. For example, so if you choose '2' and then only upload 1 initial transcript, you will receive an error message.

Step 7: Once you have filled out the School Report, press save. If there are any errors in the form, a message will appear explaining what is missing. 

Step 8: If you've saved the School Report successfully, the document bubble will be filled with light red colour, which means it is now complete and ready to be sent. 

Step 9: The School Report and attached documents will be sent to Common App and then released to Universities from Common App after the student has submitted their application and paid any fees, according to their One and Done Policy.

Follow this link to learn how to View and Download a Student's School Report 

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