Downloading SAT Results from College Board

Advisors can now upload SAT scores to BridgeU in bulk by uploading the .csv file which you can access from the CollegeBoard website. This guide walks you though the steps to get the file.

Step 1: Sign in to the CollegeBoard Portal here.

Step 2: SAT score data files are available to educators in the online score reporting portal’s Download Center. If you don’t see the Download Center tab when you sign in, request a file downloads role from your institution’s access manager.

Download the ".CSV" file from the Download Center to your desktop or network drive.

Note: it must be in .csv format, and you should not edit the file once downloaded, otherwise when you try to upload the file to BridgeU it will not work.

Step 3: You're ready to upload the SAT scores .CSV file to BridgeU!

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