Submitting the School Optional Report

The School Optional Report is used to update grades or send corrections at any point in the current application cycle, after the initial School Report has been submitted. The School Optional Report is not a substitute for the School Midyear Report or School Final Report.


How to submit the School Optional Report


Step 1: From the student's Document Sending Index Pageclick the Send Common App Forms button.

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Step 2: Select the School Optional Report and the form will automatically open.

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Step 3: You will need to select the specific update on the School Optional Report form you want to make changes to for the student's application.. Depending on which reasoning you select, you will notice the relevant section will appear on the right-side menu.

Step 4: Once you have completed the necessary information that is required, you can click the green save button at the top. If there are no error messages appearing and the status bubble is a light red colour, then your form is successfully saved and is ready to submit. 

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Restrictions and requirements:

  • Similar to the School Report, the accompanying documents (e.g., school profile, transcripts, change explanation) are sent bundled WITH the School Optional Report. They don't have separate checkboxes for sending.
  • The School Optional Report is like the school report and the counsellor recommendation in that it is a standard document submitted to all universities. You CANNOT send different versions to different universities. 
  • "Important note: The Common App Report system is a one-and-done process. That means that once you submit a form, it’s sent to all the colleges you’re assigned to. That’s why it’s important not to customize your forms for a specific institution."
  • The School Optional Report can only be submitted TWICE (for example, for the same student you can use the optional report to correct something from the School Report, and later use another optional report to correct something from the School Midyear Report).
  • Similar to the School Report, it will say 'submitted' for the School Optional Report on the student's Common App under the 'Recommenders and FERPA' section for any University.
  • Nothing can be submitted after the School Final Report has been sent, including the School Optional Report.

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