Upload SAT Scores in Bulk

One you have downloaded the correct .CSV file from the College Board website, you're ready to upload them to BridgeU.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings and click on SAT Scores Bulk Import (you can also get here from the Students area, via the Scores tab on a student's overview).


Step 2: Click "browse from your computer" to locate the correct .CSV file, or drag and drop it into the designated area to upload it.


Step 3: If the file is correct, we'll list the students' scores that will be imported. If we cannot match a name in the file with a student on BridgeU, we will mark it with a "!".


Step 4: For any unmatched records, you can manually select the correct student from your BridgeU account, or select Skip if there is no need to match. If you need to skip many students, you can leave them as "no student selected" for now.


When ready, select Confirm changes.


If you have unmatched records it will ask for confirmation that you want to skip them all.


Step 5: That's it! You can view a student's SAT scores from the Students section, by clicking on a student to bring up their overview, and navigating to the Scores tab.


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