PreSubmission Checklist for CommonApp

  1. Ensure that Common App and Parchment are enabled for your school
    If you are not sure whether they are enabled, you can ask your designated Customer Success Manager and they will check for you or alternatively check out this article.

  2. Make sure your 2023 students have added all of their chosen universities to their applications list on BridgeU. Your Document sending interface updates according to this information!

  3. Check that your students are ready to send Common App applications. Send them this pre-submission checklist.

  4. Watch our Document Sending training webinars. The recordings are available for part 1 and part 2. Look out for our email updates on any future webinars or training sessions.

  5. Remember: support is at hand for everything you need! We are always available on live-chat or to answer any questions from you, your students or their parents.


Top tips when sending documents

  1. Be aware of Common App's One and Done Policy

  2. Complete the School Report and School Profile 
    You can complete these in BridgeU settings. For more instructions on how to do so, please follow these steps

  3. Ensure documents are in PDF format, no larger than 2MB and are not encrypted
    Documents can only be sent to Common App as a PDF, and no larger than 2 MB. Please also make sure documents are not encrypted. You can compress PDF documents if they are too large, ask your Customer Success Manager for tips on how to do so.

  4. Do NOT send recommendation letters through the Common App
    The Common App does not allow the same email address to be used by staff members across both platforms. If you have sent any documents through the Common App this document sending season, please either update your email address on BridgeU, or email us/the Common App Support to change your email address on their portal.

  5. Use your own email address rather than a shared one
    Similarly,  teachers and counselors should use their own email address rather than a shared department email address. This is useful for avoiding different names coming up when tracking recommendation letters.


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