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Prepping for Document Sending for Students

I already matched my CommonApp & BridgeU account but then I created a new CommonApp account

Speak with your advisor to make sure you are both working on the same account. If you have already submitted something on CommonApp, please let us know and we will create a new BU account for you which will match your CApp account. Please do try and stick to the one CommonApp account!


I entered my school in CA but I am still able to invite my counselor & teacher recommenders

This could be one of two reasons. Either the student has not paired the CA account with the BridgeU account successfully or the school isn't paired correctly with the BridgeU integration. If it's the former, please make sure students follow this article to pair their accounts. Please note that students should not enter school details on CA manually as this will be automatically added for them during the pairing process. The latter one can be resolved by our support team so please let us know on livechat or by


I already invited my counselor & teacher recommenders on CommonApp before pairing my accounts

Unfortunately this will prevent Counselors and Teachers from uploading recommendations through BridgeU. To resolve this, you can manually remove recommendation requests put through your CommonApp accounts. To do so, go to the trash can icon on your Recommender & FERPA page on the Common App and remove the specific teacher. Please also refer to the third item of this article.


Prepping for Document Sending for Advisors

How do i know which students have or haven't matched their CommonApp accounts?

The best place to view this is from your student list on your document sending page. Next to the CommonApp section on the individual student's page it will either say 'this student has not paired CommonApp to BridgeU for the current year' or you should be able to see their CAID along with FERPA status and assigned counselor.




Sending Documents using CommonApp

I keep getting errors when filling out a CommonApp form. What's going on?

If your student's form in the School Report has a red lined bubble, it means that the form is incomplete. It will be grey when it is complete and ready to be sent. Example:


To find out which questions are incomplete, click 'Save' at the bottom of the form and wait for the error message to appear just below the 'Save' button. Example: 


There are two places where you may need to complete these questions. Firstly, there might be an incomplete question in the student's form. Secondly, you might need to return to the whole school report in School Settings. Once you've completed all of the questions, click 'Save' and you will see a green tick.

If the bubble is still showing red, take a look at our article on CommonApp Form Errors. If you cannot find your issue or the solution is not working, please reach out to us at


How do I send documents to a university that says 'document sending not supported'?

Check the university website to understand how the university accepts documents eg. direct to them.

Most likely we do not support it however, if you have information that they do accept documents through CommonApp/Parchment, please send your information to us and we will look into this.


How do I send transcripts for students that transferred to my school?

Schools are able to indicate up to 4 transcript documents on the School Report.  You can upload up to 4 documents as 'initial transcripts'. This could include transcripts from the student's previous school(s). Alternatively, you could combine documents to send as a single PDF but please note that Common App has a file size limit of 2MB per document.

Remember, the number indicated on the School Report must match the number of initial transcript documents uploaded, so if you say '2' and then only upload 1 initial transcript you will receive an error message.



Tracking Documents

Why is my application showing as sent on BridgeU but is not showing as submitted on CommonApp?

When you hit send from BridgeU, this means the application has been transferred to CommonApp however, applications only get sent to a university once the student submits their application on CommonApp. 


I can see that a teacher recommendation for a specific student shows as 'sent' in BridgeU to university A, however the student's CommonApp shows the same teacher recommendation as 'not started'.

Most likely this is due to the fact the student still has to submit their application on CommonApp and the teacher recommendation has been delivered to CommonApp.


Unsubmit forms/documents (Common App)

Why the document bubble is yellow and stating "unsubmitting"?

The unsubmitting usually takes a few seconds to unsubmit. Once it's completed, the page will refresh itself. If it takes too long, don't worry, you only need to refresh the page and you'll see the unsubmission puts the sending status of the form to "complete" (grey bubble).


The unsbmission is successful on BridgeU but it's still showing the form has been submitted to universities on Common App.

This means that one of the universities has already downloaded the form. BridgeU automatically synchronised the data from Common App every 24 hours. The university has downloaded the documents before the next synchronisation. You can click "syn now" on the student's document sending page to manually sync the latest data. After this, you'll see the sending status of the form bounce back to "sent" status (green bubble). In this case, if you'd like to update information or transcripts/school profiles, you can use the School Optional Report to update.

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